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Sant Jordi


Sant Jordi (San Jorge in Castellano or ‘Spanish’) is a small and quiet village 15 minutes drive inland from the coast at Vinaros. and lies at 175m above sea level. Today San Jorge has around 1,500 inhabitants. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside which invites for long walks and picnics. Not far from the village of Sant Jordi and belonging to its municipality lies the Panoramica Golf & Country Club.


Sant Jordi has some good restaurants, like ‘Llenye’ and ‘Cal Racó’, bars and cafes like ‘Prisma’, and shops for your everyday needs. In the golf club you also find some restaurants


Records of San Jorge date back to the 13th century, but there have been settlements in the area for a lot longer with evidence of farming and olive production. Sant Jordi used to be tied to the larger town of Traiguera for a long time, and only became an independent town in the middle of the 17th century.

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