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Calig is a traditional small town only eight kilometres from the sea and beaches, which makes it very convenient for people looking to live in the typical Spanish surroundings of an inland village with easy access to the seaside towns and beaches. It lies in the comarca of the Baix Maestrat in the north of Castellon. Calig has a pretty town centre, made up of traditional type village houses. In the beautiful countryside around Calig you find orange, almond and olive groved and many interesting walking routes.


There are a number of shops, restaurants, banks etc. and also a small hotel. There is amongst others also a supermarket and a superb bakery. Very conveniently Calig also boasts a very nice municipal pool within easy reach from anywhere in the village.
Transport wise Calig is very conveniently located with different roads leading from here to the three main seaside towns of the area, meaning you can reach Benicarlo in about ten minutes, and Vinaros and Peniscola in around 15 minutes. Going via Cervera and San Mateo you can quickly reach the airport north of Castellon.


Calig was founded in the early 13th century, but settlements here date back a lot further. Noteworthy sites include the large Iglesia Parroquia Sant Llorenc and the nearby watchtower which can be seen from far away when approacing Calig. These date back to the 13th / 14th century. The beautiful Ermita de la Virgen del Socorro, just outside the centre of town was built in the 18th century. A wonderful and peaceful place.

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